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Enclave 9 | Call & Response : 10th Dispatch

Apr 24, 2017

Opening: Friday 28th April 6.30pm – 9pm

A group show by Call & Response 

C&R Space, Enclave, SE8 4NT

Matt Lewis, Tom Slater and Jeremy Keenan present an installation of 4 digital multimedia artworks.

A moving disco ball, lasers, video, black MIDI and an old dot matrix printer. Each piece separate but connected via a local network to form one continuous and immersive audiovisual experience. Each piece is diffused over our unique 14-speaker audio system.

Matt Lewis: Study for Printer #1 Influenced by current micro-genre Black Midi, Study for Printer #1 tests the limitations of machine notated music. In this piece computer generated patterns are transformed into MIDI notes which are in turn heard through the C&R multi-channel array. At same time a printer in the centre of the room competes by attempting to print these streams of chords, melodic and rhythmic patterns.

Tom Slater: Hybrid Spaces is an immersive audiovisual composition that plays with the audiences understanding of 2D, 3D, digital and physical space. Laser beams intersect with a large video screen displaying 3D wireframe geometry, both of which are mapped to sound sources in Ambisonic space.

Jeremy Keenan: Zero Revolutions Per Minute is an agitated disco ball that twitches, twists, and bounces but never completely turns, held captive in a space void of any nearby dancers. Light becomes sound becomes motion and back again in an unstable and obsessive homage to the mirror ball as hypnotic sound object in its own right.

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