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Enclave 5: Divus | Stu Mead

Apr 22 2016

Preview Friday April 29 7pm

April 30 – May 21 2016

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Enclave 5: Divus | 2016 Three Sided Football Cup

Mar 10 2016

Join 2016 Three Sided Footbal Cup Now ! (March 19th to 25th)

Three sided football has now been with us for 50 years – of which it is only the last 20 that have witnessed its experimental realisation. In true cybernetic fashion, the more it has been explored, the more the feedback from each game has allowed its arena of operation to expand.

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Enclave 5: Divus | BURN, BABY, BURN! | Dead Workers Union Strike

Mar 10 2016

BURN, BABY, BURN! | Dead Workers Union Strike demands “no artwork for white supremacy culture!” Friday March 25 7pm DEad WOrkers Union (DEWOU-DAMTP) hasn’t yet been founded. DAMTP- DAta Miners…

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Enclave 5: Divus| MIKYTA EXPORT IMPORT | Commodification

Jan 26 2016

Friday January 29th from 7pm
Exhibition continues to March 19 open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Commodification is the transformation of goods and services, as well as ideas or other entities that normally may not be considered goods, into a commodity.

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Enclave 5: Divus | Rab Harling | Inversion | Reflection

Nov 24 2015

Rab Harling: Inversion | Reflection

Friday November 27, 2015, 7pm

As the last residents prepare to leave Balfron Tower ahead of its controversial refurbishment and privatisation, Rab Harling presents work from his long-term project Inversion | Reflection, comprising of Turning Balfron Tower Inside Out and the premiere of his new film What Does Balfron Tower Mean To You.

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November Last Friday at Enclave

Nov 24 2015

Preview and late openings Friday 27 November 6pm til late.

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Enclave 5: Divus | Jan Turner

Sep 25 2015

September 25 – October 25 2015
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

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Enclave 5: Divus | Umelec Live

Aug 28 2015

Friday August 28 2015 7pm

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August Last Friday at Enclave

Aug 27 2015

Join us for late openings, previews, films and performances this Friday at Enclave

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Enclave 5: Divus| The Umelec Retrospective & The Taste of Future

Jun 21 2015

Preview June 26th 7pm til late
Continues to July 25th open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Our world is turning crazy and violent – which makes this the time to bring back Umelec.

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Enclave is three years old !

Jun 15 2015

Enclave turned three years old today ! Thank you for all the support and enthusiasm from artists, guests and friends since we opened on June 15 2012. And special props…

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April Last Friday at Enclave

Apr 17 2015

Join us at Enclave for previews and late openings this April SLAM Friday.
April 24th 2015, 6pm til late

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SLAM Last Friday at Enclave, March 27th 6pm til late

Mar 19 2015

March Last Friday at Enclave including launch of new project Res. and afterparty in Machine Party with DJ set by BAD SECTOR.

Join us from 6pm.

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Enclave 5: Divus | Dear Sir, I am dead.

Mar 10 2015

Preview March 27th 2015
Continues to May 23rd

You can read my name on the plate on my urn; now kindly read my testament, which is at the same time my confession, and is in any event intended only for you. I know you are neither a notary nor a priest – I know who you are.

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Enclave 5: Divus | Spring Reading Room

Mar 9 2015

Friday February 27th – March 21st

Books on eternal grass under anti cocaine paintings.

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