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Enclave is three years old !

Jun 15 2015

Enclave turned three years old today ! Thank you for all the support and enthusiasm from artists, guests and friends since we opened on June 15 2012. And special props…

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May Last Friday at Enclave

May 19 2015

Join us at Enclave for previews and late openings this May Last Friday.
May 29th 2015, 6pm til late
With after party hosted by Res.

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Badrick and Rogers

May 18 2015

The New Amalgamation Feeder, The Bumper Car Complex and The Realisation of The Imaginary Man
29 May to 25 July 2015
Residency: Friday 29 May to Thursday 25 June
Exhibition: Saturday 27 June to Saturday 25 July
Private View: Friday, 26 June, 6-9.30pm

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Matt Blackler

Apr 17 2015

Spring Artist in Residence 2015
Private View: Friday 24 April, 6-9.30pm
Residency Dates: 28 March to 23 April
Exhibition Dates: 25 April to 23 May, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

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April Last Friday at Enclave

Apr 17 2015

Join us at Enclave for previews and late openings this April SLAM Friday.
April 24th 2015, 6pm til late

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SLAM Last Friday at Enclave, March 27th 6pm til late

Mar 19 2015

March Last Friday at Enclave including launch of new project Res. and afterparty in Machine Party with DJ set by BAD SECTOR.

Join us from 6pm.

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Editions

Mar 10 2015

Finissage March 27th

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Wolfgang Berkowski

Jan 30 2015

Private View: Friday 30 January, 6-9.30pm

Residency Dates: 5 January to 29 January
Exhibition Dates: 31 January to 21 February, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

A brief analysis of the physical characteristics of the inflatable object will allow us to outline some of the symbols which it can resume. It is the balloon which confers its visible form to the breath it contains, its appearance of being swollen with vitality.

At each instant every non-rigid container exemplifies, in its form, the dialectical relationship between container and contents.

On the contrary the rigid container is indifferent to its state of repletion. The non-rigid container marks a discontinuity of form at the moment of fullness which charges it with a new meaning.

C. Gaignebet, from ‘The Inflatable Moment – pneumatics and protest in ’68,’ Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 1999

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | The Directors’ Cut 2

Jun 26 2014

27 June to 19 July, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

Of our Methods of Recognising one another

Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Into and Out of Abstraction

Apr 25 2014

‘Into and Out of Abstraction’ is curated by Paul Carey-Kent for Lubomirov-Easton. Curator and Critic Paul Carey-Kent has selected three painters acclaimed for their dynamic engagement with abstraction in relation to the figurative. There’s no need for a contemporary painter to ‘discover’ abstraction in the sense in which, for Kandinsky or Malevich, it was the logical end point in a journey which began in the world as observed and ended in an apparently contrasting absolute. All the same, the relationship of abstract paintings to reality remains a key part of their dynamic and interest. This show features three contrasting ways in which that relationship can operate.

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Dust | Lee Maelzer

Feb 23 2014

Private View: Friday 28 March 2014, 6-9.30pm
28 February – 19 April
Open Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

The London-based artist is well known for putting used things and redundant sites to poetic purpose on canvas. Maelzer remains interested in the significance of matter and site to the common experiences and signature rituals that connect us.

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Frances Richardson | Artist in Residence

Dec 27 2013

Residency Dates: 1 – 30 January 2014
Private View: Friday 31 January, 6-9.30pm
Exhibition Dates: 1 February to 22 February, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

Loss of the object and bondage to it.

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Abscond | Evan Jones & Jessica Conway

Jul 24 2013

Curated by Luke Hyland

Evan Jones | Jessica Conway

Abscond, presents the work of Evan Jones and Jessica Conway as vessels through which to explore the guise of the curator.

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