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Enclave 7 : Enclave Lab | Cold Wires / Warm Heart

Mar 8, 2017

Friday 10 March 6 – 9 pm

Cold Wires / Warm Heart is an experimental evening of performances, video works and active installations that negotiates the complex bond between humans and technology.

The show brings together the work of five international artists: Anne de Boer, Marcel Darienzo, Tom Kobialka, Erik Weisz, and Rafał Zajko featuring Zoee.

Whether driven by emotion, romance, dependency or delusion, our generation has a layered connection to machine devices. The works presented playfully interrogate these relationships through a mix of artistic techniques.

The title of the event plays on the age-old adage that cold hands often conceal a warm heart. The lore suggests that physical warmth can correlate with a caring personality, yet how does this idea stand when the companion in question is composed of circuits and wires. Can affection be expressed or measured when the output is algorithmic?

Further, if human relationships and normative roles are complicated enough, how do traditional affairs differ when the individuals involved shift from persons to processors? Where do conventions of femininity and masculinity become blurred through networks of interdependencies, and what becomes of aggravations risen by competition and deceit?

This exhibition will not seek to give concrete reasoning to these inquiries, but will rather act as a testing ground for experimental examination. Through the work of five artists, the show will unpack the form and agency of the human body. It will look to the utilities of organic functions, such as the ability to love or to perform, and attempt to translate them into the realm of cyborgs, robots, and digital “others”.

Cold Wires / Warm Heart is curated by Alexine Rodenhuis as part of the programme for Better Together, a month long curatorial research project initiated by eight independent curators on the MFA Curating course at Goldsmiths University of London which is supported by the Goldsmiths Annual Fund.

Anne de Boer:

Marcel Darienzo:
Tom Kobialka:
Erik Weisz:
Rafał Zajko featuring Zoee:,


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