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Enclave 7 : Enclave Lab | Labelled

Jul 21, 2017

Labelled curated by Aubree Penney

Private View Friday July 28th 6pm – 9pm

In Labelled, the often overlooked space of the label, seen as facilitating an artwork’s display, comes to the forefront, as the seemingly innocuous objects become sites for exploring power dynamics. The artists involved question the line between art work and art display, in turn creating a new space for intervention and innovation.

David Raymond Conroy challenges the lines between materials and artworks as he investigates ownership through photos taken by Karl Smith within the programmed landscape of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V.

Artifacts of Decolonial Cultural Front’s guerilla relabeling confront titles’ connections to the colonial sphere in light of a Brooklyn Museum exhibition that capitalized on the erasure of the Palestinian struggle.

Formulaic font in its neat sans-serif letters on white vinyl collapses into the domestic sphere of handwritten recipe cards tucked into a wooden box, as materials transform into ingredients with the flick of Arri Lemons’ pen.

The colonial history of the Government Art Collection rears its ugly head as we cobble together new titles through Louise Ashcroft’s newly modified work, contending with the imagination associated with mimetic naming.

Nicola Dale leaves us reeling without a label, marking text as both creating and limiting an art experience as it shifts our sense of awareness.

So join us for a Pimms cup or three and a special performance by Louise Ashcroft as this peripheral object at last takes center stage.

Generously supported by: Enclave, Goldsmiths College, the Goldsmiths Annual Fund, and MFA Curating, Goldsmiths.

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