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Enclave 7: Enclave Lab | Scenarios of the Pool

Oct 17, 2017

Exhibition open : Saturday & Sunday 1-7pm

Join us on Friday 6th October from 5pm for the Opening of the exhibition Scenarios of the Pool by artist duo Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis curated by Natalija Paunic at Enclave Lab.

Look at the pool. We shall study the incessant and silent water flow that brings us together. Let’s imagine a new scenario, Scenario II.

Listen to the resonance of the humming of the song Pull Marine, manifested in the form of a communal a capella song, emitted by an entwine group of bodies in the corner of The Peckham Experiment’s Swimming Pool.

Let’s penetrate the area of the pool, it activates a fluctuating activity into a rectangular shape, imitating a natural occurrence while being entirely artificial; with water as a main protagonist, it allows us to rest our eyes and bodies on its surface.

It is believed that our emotions are carried in the water of our bodies — our tears, sweat, blood, and moist breath. We occupy water as a collective material, as a conceptual figure but also as a support for dreams and new social experiences.

We start our quest with an empirical experience of the pool, a basin. The understanding of the pool can be like that of an exhibition space or a stage, especially in its potential to add particular meanings to things said and done within its constraints. Rapidly, we explore this potential; we look at the possibility of a stage as a place of leisure, juxtaposed to the spatial qualitiy of the pool as a vessel. At that particular moment, we plunge between fantasy and fiction.

‘Scenarios of the Pool’ is a serie of three consecutive elements conceived as a collaboration between artist duo Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis and the curator Natalija Paunic.

The project took place in 2017 in the form of a reshearch workshop at EASA in Fredericia, Denmark, a live performance at the Peckham Experiement in collaboration with a group of performer and a final exhibition at Enclave Lab in Deptford. The starting premise, from a curatorial standpoint, was to look at architecture as a curatorial subject and to explore new, various modes of architectural representation.

This exhibition is a response to the preceding live performance which took place on October 1st at Pioneer Health Center in Peckham.

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