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Enclave 8: Castor | SWAP Editions – AD HOC Edition No.1

Mar 14, 2017

Private View, Friday 31 March 6 – 8 pm / Open Saturday 1 April 12 – 6 pm

Katriona Beales / Rachael Champion / Frances Disley / Jenny Dunseath / Richard Gasper / Bob Gelsthorpe / Naomi Harwin / Bruce Ingram / Joanne Lee / Sarah Pickering / Mark Scott-Wood / Duncan Wooldridge

The inaugural edition of SWAP brings together the work of 12 artists from around the UK. Titled AD HOC – as both a celebration to the imperative act of making art and a nod to an alternative reaction to the dominance of the art market machine. AD HOC is dealing with a specific subject, purpose, or end, where the action of doing satisfies the task at hand, whilst applying sensibilities about being adaptable and using creative methods to achieve results with whatever materials are available. Being AD HOC now seems more than ever an integral path to surviving as an artist.

SWAP Editions invites 12 artists to each create a small artwork as an edition of 18. The multiples are then published into 18 sets and each artist receives back a complete set containing all the works in that edition. SWAP is a growing collection of artist’s multiples made as editions in a wide range of materials from casts and prints, to mixed media, video and photographs. The aim is to collaborate with artists to explore the process of making editions and forge an alternate non-commercial socially driven platform to enable swapping and collecting original artworks between artists. Publishing semi-annually in Spring and Autumn, each edition is curated and launched with a gallery exhibition or public event and the works will join a growing showcase of art multiples available to view online. Through invitation and open submission opportunities we aim to commission new works from both established and emerging artists, whilst acting as a network, resource and online showcase for artists making multiples and editions.

SWAP is a curated set of small scale art multiples in a range of media, materials and approaches that together form an eclectic collection for each participating artist to own. For each published edition, several complete sets will be gifted to high profile international museum collections and academic institutions to ensure a wide reaching public legacy and help to develop the profile of the artists involved. A further complete edition will be kept as part of a growing archive by SWAP. The remaining editions will act as the art bank to be promoted and swapped for goods or services either as complete sets or individual artworks as an exchange to facilitate future editions.

SWAP is an artist run, not-for-profit initiative that operates with zero public funding and was created by London based artist Robin Tarbet. As a DIY project it is sustained by swapping art objects with time and services, and deliberately puts all emphasis of value within the collective artworks rather than their potential monetary value. SWAP Editions and associated artworks are not for sale – but a limited number are available to swap.

Afterparty at Villages Brewery 8pm till late

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