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Enclave 7 : Enclave Lab | Corporeal Computation

Sep 8, 2017

Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September  7-9pm

Corporeal Computation is a performance by Rachel Cheung that displays a series of constructed and deconstructed choreography, based on Tabata interval training. The Tabata works on a 20/10 cycle, in order to maximise the body’s performance limit, putting the body to the physical test as it goes through high intensity and endurance. This creates a muscle memory, which allows to generate new body movements for the choreographic data sequencing. So, the body of the performer communicates through a sequence of gestures and stop-and-start movements that are built upon repetition at timed intervals. After each cycle of repetition, the body generates a new movement based on where the motion of muscles wants to flow next, creating a ‘body algorithm’ and a computation-like pattern. Corporeal Computation investigates the agency of the human body disentangled from the control of the mind, whose movements develop following a non-neuronal and expanded form of intelligence.

Artists: Rachel Cheung

Curators: Felice Moramarco

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