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Enclave 7 : Enclave Lab | Transit Border – A Way to Utopia?

Mar 17, 2017

Tuesday 21 March 6:30 pm – 9 pm

‘Transit Border – A Way to Utopia’ with Varvara Shavrova and Shao-jie Lin, Curated by Jiayi Fu.

How do we see borders appear as lines and dots on a map when we physically travel through them? How do identities such as those based on race, nationality and religion play out at border-crossing experiences? How do two nations divided by invisible borders contest and influence alongside with each other?

Transit Border – A Way to Utopia, a one-night exhibition includes three works by two artists – Varvara Shavrova’s ‘Border’ (2008) and ‘Migrant Crisis Series’ (2016) and Shao-Jie Lin’s ‘Postcard from Nowhere’ (2017-ongoing). The temporary existence of this event is set to reflect the fine-line between the freedom and restriction on border crossings, and the paradox between individual free movement and the hierarchy of visa regulation. When the global relocation becomes a possibility for a larger population, yet the refugee still suffers the trauma of inhuman displacement. The exhibition aims to raise questions surrounding issues such as: one’s belonging and identity, and the conflicting international policies on freedom of movement among world powers.


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