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Enclave 7 : EnclaveLab | Trailer Promo Demo Teaser

Mar 14, 2017

Saturday 18 March 2017, 6 – 9 pm

A simulation by Marcel Darienzo

 The possibility of sugar-coating our plugged in, logged on and overcommitted lives with the promise of a relationship is present everywhere and we find ourselves singing along:

“What do you do fighting for your life

And no one’s on your side, yeah, baby

Can’t stand to lose you, see you’re in too deep

And know nowhere to hide” 

(Chris Brown, ‘What Would You Do?’)

Relationships have been institutionalized and are used as business and entertainment. They allow contemporary society to disguise the increased sense of isolation and loneliness that results from a daily life under neoliberalism. Capitalism captures, contains and uses emotional connections that we consume, not only through pop culture but also ephemeral interchangeable materials such as emojis, Facebook likes and Tinder matches.

TRAILER PROMO DEMO TEASER is a simulation that overlays painting, installation, graffiti, sound and performance. It attempts to produce an environment that is constantly autoreflexive and fulfilled with the viewers past, present and future experiences.

Join the artist in his exploration of contemporary nihilistic desire.

TRAILER PROMO DEMO TEASER is curated by Luís Manuel Araújo for ‘Better Together’, a curatorial research project initiated by eight independent curators on the MFA Curating course at Goldsmiths University of London.

This event is suitable only for 15 years and over.

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