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August Last Friday at Enclave

Aug 27, 2015

Friday August 28 6pm til late
Join us for late openings, previews and films this Friday at Enclave…

Enclave 4: news of the world
Robbie Fife, Paulina Michnowska, Jacopo Natoli PREVIEW

Enclave 5: Divus
Umelec Live
Divus London gallery transform into a live art magazine. Read, feel, touch and dance your way through the maze of Umelec’s past editions. Also featuring extracts of new writing, disturbingly odd films, and a taste of future in the company of the magazine’s contributors and friends.

Enclave 7: fourFOLD
Brick Biter, Mike Harvey PREVIEW
Staring down at your boots, awaiting yet another demolition you blur out in a fit of coughs. Your feet on dry earth, your head in a cloud, Brick Biter’s assembly of synthetic narrators pitch in: to recall and edit your memory of being elsewhere, feeling pressed.

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