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Enclave Guest Projects | Autumn Collapse / Table of Contents | Kristin Luke & Susan Conte

Jun 18, 2014

Preview June 27th 2014
Installation continues to July 26th

Kristin Luke and Susan Conte will write an autobiographical collection of texts that depict New York City and Los Angeles via London as a backdrop. The text will be a product of their immediate personal experiences informed by a romantic portrayal of NYC and LA’s collective history through landscape, architecture and culture. This written narrative will intersect with objects made and installed within the space.

Autumn Collapse will be the resulting installation which physically traces this literary space. Each week, an event will take place in the gallery: a reading group, workshops, a performance, a dinner. Participants will include both gallery visitors and invited guests. They will be asked to contribute, augment, and become variously implicated within the narrative, whether they become characters, distanced critics, or narrators. These interventions will directly feed into the exhibition installation itself, the installation becoming the physical counterpart to the texts that exist virtually, on Enclave’s online gallery platform. Texts and installation will in some ways coalesce, in others be jarringly inconsistent, but will always remain entangled.

Autumn Collapse proposes that the moment of personal expression marks a porousness between the internal ‘I’ and the exterior. As the locations of where our subjectivity is formed become increasingly fragmented, dispersed, virtual, a reevaluation of this porousness becomes necessary. The distinctions between caricature, illustration, autobiography, poeticism, and personal truth are muddled. Building on the notion of the Romantic ironic literary/artistic subject, Autumn Collapse models a new framework for how artist/author, the work, and the spectator can operate, where each of these elements are simultaneously unfinished parts and autonomous wholes – an irresolvable synecdoche. Autumn Collapse will hang in the balance here.

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