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Enclave 5: Divus | I’M CURATING MY OWN SOLO SHOW!!!!!!!!!! | Beth Fox

Sep 21, 2013

September 27 – October 19 2013

“Beth Fox’s work espouses a complex form of reflexive post-modern humour with influences as diverse as Kierkagaard and Woody Allen, through the medium of sculpture and text new variations are synthesised from both opaque and transparent meanings and what starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a hegemony of defeat, leaving only a sense of unreality and the unlikelihood of a new order. . ” – August DeWitt (writer, intellectual, art critic, feminist, political activist and gender theorist.)

“I’M CURATING MY OWN SOLO SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111” is the first UK solo exhibition of Irish artist Beth Fox.

Fox’s practice involves an investigation into the legacies of conceptual and appropriation art. Incorporating sculpture, drawing and text Fox’s work questions the structures and dynamics of the art world through the eyes of the “struggling artist” archetype. Her work employs self-conscious humour to question the dynamics of the institute; the relationships and/or power struggles between art and artist/artist and curator/curator and gallerist/gallerist and collector/audience and artist/gallerist and art/collector and gallerina. Much of her work is concerned with hierarchies in art institutions and the space that exists between “emerging”, “established” and “successful” art/ists.

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