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Enclave 1: Res: Empath Tea & ‘That Dragon, Cancer’

Sep 20, 2016

Empath Tea & That Dragon, Cancer Group Play
Sunday 2 October 4-9pm

The Empath Group meet regularly to discuss what it means to be an ‘Empath’, how this word can frame experiences and how it can be used to construct a group identity. This two-part event is the first open, public exploration into these concerns from the group, investigating the forms in which empathy may operate.

4–6pm Empath Tea
Empath Group member Rosie Taylor invites herbalist Natasha Richardson to design a tea specifically for Empaths, to deal with side effects such as sensory overload and tiredness. Richardson will also discuss herbal medication and forms of self-care which do not see maximisation of labour as the end goal.

6.30–8.30pm That Dragon, Cancer Group Play
That Dragon, Cancer is a game designed by Ryan and Amy Green to simulate their experience of their son’s battle with cancer. Empath Group founder Leah Clements invites the public to complete a full play-through of the game, participating in an emotional journey by collectively negotiating a way through its designed structure of empathy.

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