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Enclave 1: Res. | Legacies of Cyberfeminism IV – Critical Interrogations

Jul 29, 2016

Friday July 29 6-8pm
FREE all welcome

The Legacies of Cyberfeminism reading group facilitates a dialogue based on a selection of books and articles found in the Kathy Rae Huffman Archive. Established by Goldsmiths PhD candidates Mihaela Brebenel and Dimitra Gkitsa the reading group have selected materials that consider modes and forms of imagining futures and of engaging with fictions. The aim is to address how these writings from the late 1990s and mid-2000s and their legacies can be set in conversation with contemporary exaltations and exhaustions of discourses on feminism, artistic practices, and activism.

For this last reading group, we will focus on the collaborations of subRosa collective and particularly on one text:

Maria Fernandez, ‘Cyberfeminism, Racism, Embodiment’ in ‘Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist Practices’, A subRosa project, edited by Maria Fernandez, Faith Wilding, and Michelle M. Wright, Autonomedia: New York, 2002, available in full here.

We will undertake a close reading of this single text, with attention to the issue of intersectionality in relation to cyberfeminist practices. Perhaps we can even produce a series of questions and further articulations of what the legacies of cyberfemisnism might be and mean in the contemporary, and how can they be further interrogated.

Discussion will be followed by a BRING-a-DISH dinner. Please bring one dish, shop bought or home-made to share with the group.

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