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Enclave 1: Res. | Performance of Issue 02 Flee Immediately!

Jun 14, 2016

Performance of Issue 02 Flee Immediately!
1 July 2016, 6 pm

7pm – Discussion with founding editor Renee Carmichael
9.30pm DJ Set by Spacer Woman (Chooc Ly Tan)

For issue 02 Dance and Code, the browser is the stage, the design the dance floor, the music the rhythms between the codes; browsers, designs, bodies and movements. Constraints are in place, but each dance may be a bit different; each browser, like a stage, allows for certain possibilities and errors. The issue is accessed through the temporality of performing and improvising it.

For this London debut of issue 02 of Flee Immediately! Res. will host Renee Carmichael in the Kathy Rae Huffman Reading Room for a discussion about conceiving issue 02 and its connections between dance and code. Also present will be ’How Many Blocks to Build The Future?’- a participatory game by featured writer Hamish MacPherson, and the opportunity to contribute to the collaborative experimental blogging practice, between Renee and featured artist Susannah E. Haslam.

With contributions by: Liat Berdugo, Joana Chicau, Freya Field-Donovan, Oona Doyle, Lisa Erb, Emilie Giles, Stephan Groß, Cliff Hammett, Samantha Harvey, Susannah E. Haslam, Holger Heissmeyer, Verena Hermann, Eri Kassnel, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Nicholas Lawrence, Matt Lewis, Hamish MacPherson, Benoit Maubrey, Maru Mushtrieva, Lai Yi Ohlsen, Phoebe Osborne, Eleni Papazoglou, Angelina Voskopoulos

Flee Immediately! is a project by writer, coder, designer and artist Renee Carmichael. It was started in London in 2011 out of frustration, and now is a platform consisting of a journal, a blog and several experiments. The platform constantly changes shapes and collaborations, and attempts to ask questions around the technology we use everyday and the power structures at play.



Image credit: Screenshot from iSurrender By Samantha Harvey, Flee Immediately Issue 02, 2016

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