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Enclave 4: news of the world| Logo Oluwamuyiwa

Apr 26, 2016

Opening Friday 29 April 2016, 6.30 to 8.30pm
Exhibition continues 29 April to 22 May, Friday to Sunday, 12 to 6pm

curated by Future Assembly (Hansi Momodu-Gordon and Orla Houston-Jibo)

In Monochrome Lagos (2013-) photographer Logo Oluwamuyiwa is creating an extensive archive of arresting images of life in one of the world’s most populated and fastest growing mega-cities. Yet Oluwamuiwa’s photography strips Lagos of its most recognisable features, its intense dazzling colours, its unrelenting noise, the sprawling chaos and fast-paced transformation, as he seeks to uncover ‘a subtle story of what it is like to be young and urban-living at a time like this’.

One of many, millions, relative newcomers to Lagos, Oluwamuyiwa takes photo-walks across his city. Recurrent motifs within Monochrome Lagos include theatrical arrangements of outdoor commerce, the human form in juxtaposition with background surface and the play of light and shadow under the city’s harsh, bright sun -the artist says ‘the most torturous natural element that the resident will have to battle as he or she goes about life outdoors’. Recurrent too are images that capture moments of human isolation in crowded shared spaces.

The artist’s image-making draws on both documentary and conceptual modes to combine narrative with an exploration of form as he maps the visual landscape of the city, its architecture and street life. Conceived as an ongoing study rather that a definitive statement, the series foregrounds Oluwamuyiwa’s preoccupation with the individual stories and personal narratives that make the city.

Monochrome Lagos exists as a digital archive, a cache, of black and white images that Oluwamuyiwa continues to disseminate through Tumblr and Instagram. As a physical manifestation of this archive, the exhibition focuses on selected works on a theme central to the series, as it asks us to pause for a moment and consider that life in a mega-city, amongst the bustling crowd, is a solo journey.

This is Oluwamuyiwa’s first exhibition in the UK and the first session of Future Assembly, a London-based artists’ development programme for emerging practitioners from Africa and its diaspora supported by Arts Council England. Each session focuses on one artist who takes part in a bespoke four-week residency programme that includes networking, gallery visits, research and practical skills development in response to the artist’s own areas of need and interest. Future Assembly is founded by Hansi Momodu-Gordon who co-curates the programme with Orla Houston-Jibo.

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