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Enclave 5: Divus | Dear Sir, I am dead.

Mar 10, 2015

If my case had prospered – although today it is clear that such a case could not have prospered – I would have taken my secret with me to the grave. As it is, I go to my grave alone and must, from this grave, share my secret with one living being, for without a living being I cannot, from this grave, bring my unsuccessful case to a conclusion and make of it a successful case, although in a completely different way.

S.d.Ch.: A Makeshift Imitatio Christi | exhibition and new book

The astral failure and other problems…
Introduction of a new philosophical horror book and exhibition of collages forming stories, votive images, mental panoramas of milestones within global retrograde history and communal jumbo-koans. A Makeshift Imitatio Christi book: The testament of a man who stole and, in the depths of post-nature, rubbished the ashes of the practical philosopher Ladislav Klíma

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