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Enclave 5: Divus | 2016 Three Sided Football Cup

Mar 10, 2016

Join 2016 Three Sided Footbal Cup Now ! (March 19th to 25th)

Three sided football has now been with us for 50 years – of which it is only the last 20 that have witnessed its experimental realisation. In true cybernetic fashion, the more it has been explored, the more the feedback from each game has allowed its arena of operation to expand.

Three-sided football (3SF) is an intriguing variation of football, played with three teams on a hexagonal pitch. It was supposedly devised in the 1960s by the Danish artist Asger Jorn in order to explain his philosophy of “triolectics”. Jorn wrote several essays elucidating the concept but, as he admitted himself, struggled to define it using the written word. By providing the example of three-sided football, Jorn felt he was better able to give meaning to the flavour and texture of his method.

While it is not known whether Jorn ever participated in a real game of three-sided football, a number of matches have been played and recorded over the last twenty years. During this time the game has spiralled far beyond its mysterious origins, captivating a diverse range of players with its unique collision of sport, art and non-linear game theory. Matches have sprung up from Belarus to Bogotá, Melbourne to Malaysia, Berlin to Bilbao, yet it is the visit to Deptford of one of 3SF’s most renowned coaches, Redas Dirzys from Lithuania, that provides us with a wonderful opportunity to now further develop this fascinating activity in several new, experimental directions at once.




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