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Enclave 7: EnclaveLab | Liquid Love

Aug 2, 2016

Liquid Love
Saturday August 6th 6-9pm
PANDO @EnclaveLab

Sara Gebran / Richard Hards / Sara Rodrigues

The title of this event makes reference to the display of multiple proxies in situ, presided over by the care-full eye of PANDO. An ever expanding collective of thinkers on proxy politics, PANDO inhabits the artistic proxy of Anne de Boer. PANDO@EnclaveLab in Deptford invites three more elements into its environment this week – brought by artists Sara Gerbran, Richard Hards and Sara Rodrigues – in the form of liquid matter.

Liquid Love is an exhibition exercise on how a proxy can impersonate the shape of a sound; transferring information into audio; engaging with networks and knowledge distribution; being interference in the system; transforming consciousness by tuning the body via listening.

The intent here is, in part, to re-situate the dialogue from the page, the stream, the encoding; from the listener, the type of listening, from the ear, from the mind, and indeed from the individual human; to the air. Air is the material for the composition of a commons. Audio is an ephemeral social architecture made of air.

PANDO is a curatorial collective investigating proxy politics as an artistic counter strategy. A proxy is defined as a decentralised and immaterial object; an agent of withdrawal that allows for anonymous re-entry. PANDO@EnclaveLab is a space of experimentation, exploring various manifestations of artistic proxies over a 5 week period. These manifestations focus on technological, economical and social conditions the artists deal with by utilising the proxy as a method of departure from the art market, the institution, authorship or identity politics.

Supported by:
Goldsmiths University of London

Image: Diagram of Dudon’s system, where “L” is the light source, “D” the transparent disk with sound patterns, “F” the optical filter and “C” the photoelectric receiver.

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