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Enclave 7 : Enclave Lab | Unfiltered

Aug 29, 2017
25 August – 9 September

How do people represent themselves? How do they feel when they are being objectified? How does it feel to be subjected to an indefatigable gaze?

In our current society, dominated by social media – where we document all our exciting activities and strive to gain the most likes –  we are constantly obsessed with finding ways to present ourselves in the best possible light or literally in the best possible filter.

Is it then still possible for our bodies to be ‘unfiltered’?

UNFILTERED is a performative exhibition that examines these questions over the course of three durational performances. Each week will display a different episode, a different performative installation.

Curated by Riet Timmerman

UNFILTERED // Episode I : Caught With Your Trousers Down

Opening: 25 August, 6-9pm

26 August, 2-5pm

 Artist: Emily Perry

Performers: James Johnson, Marlon Kameka, Chris Royds and Alexander Glass

Emily Perry’s performance, titled Caught With Your Trousers Down, transforms the gallery space into a men’s changing room. She creates a video and performance installation of men talking about feminism.

UNFILTERED // Episode II : Women Looking Bored, Holding Photos of Women Looking Bored

Opening: 1 September, 6-9pm

2 September, 2-5pm

Artist: Emily Perry

Performers: Rachel Gomme, Stephanie Graye, Beverly Richards and Madame So

Perry presents her performance Women Looking Bored, Holding Photos of Women Looking Bored, where six female performers will be subjected to the audience’s gaze.


Opening: 8 September, 6-9pm

9 September, 2-5pm

Artist: Colette Patterson

Colette Patterson takes over the gallery space with her performance, questioning the relationship between the image and gaze and using bodies as filters, as sensory complexes that produce meaning and identity.

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