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Enclave 7: EnclaveLab | SET & FOS finissage

Sep 6, 2016

SET & FOS Finissage
Curated by Sol Polo
Saturday September 10th, 6.30-10pm

The SET residency at EnclaveLab is coming to an end and we want to celebrate all the amazing art that has been on the making. This is also your last chance to see the FOS installation by the Barcelona based artists Clara Romaní and Octavi Serra, so don’t miss out!

Come over on Saturday 10th September to the finissage party. We will be screening videos of past SETs, present the film of the last SET to the world and announce the artists that will be creating the next SET, among other surprises!

All of these will happen in the unique atmosphere created by the FOS installation at EnclaveLab in Deptford SE84AL. If you can’t come to the party, the installation will also be open friday 9th from 4 to 9pm.

What is SET?
SET is a collective founded by a musician, a filmmaker and a curator that organizes installations and performances (SETs) that arise from the encounter between a visual artist from any background (artist, designer, architect, maker, coder, etc.) and a musician. This encounter takes the form of an exchange of ideas, methodologies or concerns and it is the seed for the transformation of a venue into a unique setting that can express the nature of this dialogue in a visual way. SET aims to become a platform for the identification and promotion of emerging artists and musicians with an interest in experimentation and exchange. Every SET event is documented with a film and we hope we can build a big SET list with beautiful videos that capture the magic exchanges that we seek to facilitate between artists and musicians of all kinds.

What is FOS?
FOS is an initiative with an environmental nature by the Barcelona based artists and designers Octavi Serra and Clara Romaní. FOS creations are made out of recycled plastics following an elaborate melting technique developed by the artists that allows a number of formal possibilities. Each piece is
carefully handmade to become a unique object out of waste material. Challenging a system based on consumption and the resultant careless waste, by making use of a material closely related to serialised production, FOS is an opportunity to conceive objects with identity and ecological awareness.
Posing its focus on one of the most widely used and most difficult to recycle materials, the plastic, the project aims to go beyond standardised production and to create objects from a new perspective. More information about FOS project can be found at:

SET Residency at EnclaveLab is supported by Enclave and Goldsmiths, University of London

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