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Enclave 7: EnclaveLab | SET: FOS Project

Aug 18, 2016

SET presents FOS Project (Octavi Serra & Clara Romaní) at EnclaveLab
August 19th – September 18th 2016
Open Friday-Saturday 12-6 pm

Artist / Musician Hangouts
Sat 27th August, 4-6pm / Sun 4th September 4-6pm
Sat 10th September 4-6pm

SET #5 Installation + Performance
16th September, 7-9 pm

Curated by Sol Polo

FOS Project is an initiative with an environmental nature by the Barcelona based artists and designers Octavi Serra and Clara Romaní. In their first UK comission by the SET collective, Octavi Serra and Clara Romaní have created a series of lamps and sculptures out of a dialogue with the London based musician Oscar Laurence. The pieces shed light through the cortex of a highly textured surface made out of melted black and white plastic bags. The particular choice of material and colours, their working process with heat, the planetary shapes and the organic and mixed texture of each piece are in line with their ecologic concerns, making their work foreground within the anthropocene movement. Issues like global warming, overproduction and consumer wastage are expressed in both their process and their aesthetics. Out of their exchange with Oscar Laurence, and touched by his mixed influences and his soulful music, their FOS installation places the viewer in another planet. More information about FOS project can be found at Oscar Laurence’s music can be found at

SET is a curatorial collective founded in Barcelona by a musician, a filmmaker and a curator aiming to experiment with the boundaries of art, music and film by forging encounters between a visual artist from any background (artist, designer, architect, maker, coder, etc.) and a musician from any genre​​. This encounter takes the form of an exchange of ideas, methodologies or concerns and it is the seed for the transformation of a venue into a unique installation / performance that can express the nature of this dialogue in a visual way. SET aims to become a platform for the identification and promotion of emerging artists and musicians with an interest in experimentation and exchange. Every SET event is documented with a short music film. More information about SET can be found here at

This show will be the first exhibition of FOS project in the UK. It will present a series of FOS pieces specially made for the first SET event organized in London by the independent curator Sol Polo at Chisenhale Studios on July 24th. The FOS project exhibition is the start of a one month curatorial residency of SET at Enclave.

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