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Enclave 7: fourFOLD | Brick Biter, Mike Harvey

Aug 20, 2015

Private View: 28 August, 6-9 pm
Exhibition dates: 28 August – 19 September 2015
Open Thursdays to Saturdays, 12-6pm

‘Staring down at your boots, awaiting yet another demolition you blur out in a fit of coughs. Your feet on dry earth, your head in a cloud, Brick Biter’s assembly of synthetic narrators pitch in: to recall and edit your memory of being elsewhere, feeling pressed.’

Set at the scene of a demolition, Harvey’s video installation ‘Brick Biter’ deals with a world that overwhelms the senses with its relentless state of transformation. Digitally filtered voices describe the scene in various English accents, producing disjointed cadences. Their words are juxtaposed with objects captured by a camera. In and out of focus, rotating and displaced, the objects that Harvey filters through video are never static, and never visible in their entirety.

Curated by Antonio Garcia-Acosta

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