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Enclave 7: fourFOLD | Running Out Of Tape

Sep 1, 2015

Running Out of Tape

David Duvshani and Fazal Rizvi

25 September – 3 October 2015

Preview: 25 September 6-9pm

fourFOLD is pleased to announce Running Out of Tape, an exhibition that  brings together the work of David Duvshani and Fazal Rizvi. The exhibition questions representations of place and hegemonic historical narratives, highlighting the complex questions that arise when revisiting the past through the present, and obliquely contributing to the debate of today’s political and social concerns.

In Fazal Rizvi’s Down the river, i met a boy (2014), an outsider asks probing questions about life in the Karachi neighbourhood of Lyari to a local boy. The questions, which reveal the prejudices and expectations of the outsider, are met with short evasive answers.

David Duvshani draws and paint scenes addressing the narratives of Orientalism. Visit Palestine (2011) is a series of hand-drawn slides portraying Israel’s idyllic landscapes and buildings, but also tanks and faceless figures. The work is based on Franz Kraus’ eponymous poster from 1936, originally intended to promote Jewish immigration. The poster’s interpretation is contested, as it was later adopted by Palestinians for its depiction of the Muslim Dome of the Rock. Crusades (2015)  is a series of cartoons that ridicule the efforts of both the Christian crusaders and their Muslim adversaries. Conversant with the rewriting of history from Eastern perspectives, these caricatures also remove the sense of heroism that characterises hegemonic accounts.

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