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Enclave 7: Green Ray | Ambiguity

Mar 8, 2016


Sarai Kirshner & Valina Svornou: Ambiguity

Friday 11th March 2016

Participating Artists:
Iain Ball, Sussana Davis-Crook , Frederick Duffield, Alastair Frazer, Cassandre Greenberg, Joey Holder, Lito Kattou, James Lowne, Eva Papamargariti, Clifford Sage, Tessa Tapscott, Owen Thackeray, Valinia Svoronou, Sarai Kirshner

Ambiguity is a collaborative project created in 2014 by Sarai Kirshner and Valinia Svoronou. The Ambiguity project has been an attempt to use art as a dynamic scene; to inhabit or explore alternative spaces and identifications under the constant fear of being categorised and thus rendered obsolete. The project aims to generate ambiguities over certainties. Participants are invited to explore a theme whilst inhabiting embodied and fictional identities and imaginary and tangible spaces, blurring all notions of an empirical experience.

Ambiguity at Green Ray is an evening of short presentations, discussions and performances by artists, taking place both in the gallery and within a virtual desert. Participants have been invited to create fictional avatars (in the form of 3D files) that have been imported into the digital desert. The presentations will be given in person, while the speakers will also be present as an avatar on a gaming platform projected within the gallery space. The desert’s virtual platform also functions as an archive of the event (and previous events), storing the information generated in the talks and performances by the avatars’ real life counterparts.

The event at Green Ray aims to explore ideas around social and celestial constellations, using the virtual environment to create a simultaneous fictional symposium. Over the course of the evening speakers will respond to ideas around exit strategies from the limitations of contemporary art. Ambiguity is heralded by Kirshner and Svoronou as a potential device for drifting away from taxonomical systems, enabling departures through blurred and weakened boundaries.

Past incarnations of the Ambiguity project include symposiums and performances at the Slade School of Fine Arts and at the Showroom Gallery, London.

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