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Enclave 7: Green Ray | Eloïse Bonneviot ‘Thinking like a Mountain’

Feb 6, 2016

Ground Floor & Mezzanine
Eloïse Bonneviot, ‘Thinking like a Mountain’

30th January – Saturday 20th February 2016

Opening: 29th January 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 12-6pm & by appointment
Through her practice, Eloïse Bonneviot explores different levels of intimacy and interaction with an artwork, in addition to the relationship between nature and technology. In her project called ‘Thinking like a Mountain’, databases of information gathered from mountain accidents come together with artificial nature in the form of a videogame.

The idea of the mountain is taken from Romanticism and art history and it illustrates here an artificial form created out of a natural entity. A mountain is not only inhabited by flora and fauna, but also by human intruders. Humans tend to colonize and dominate all that has not yet been colonized and dominated. And in the case of nature, humans colonize and dominate until nature is not nature anymore.

‘Thinking like a Mountain’ is a data pool, which blurs the boundary between the artificial and the natural. Avatars hidden throughout the game contain information from accidents that happened on mountains, coming out of a growing database created by Bonneviot. The main interface of the game is a dystopian landscape composed of masks. These are inspired by the Venetian one, and are a virtual containers of information. Those avatars and masks can only be witnessed by playing the game and for that, the visitor has to enter the camping tents within the gallery and just go for it!

How far the “player” explores the virtual corners of this simulation game is ultimately up to them. The spectator becomes an active entity that has to get consciously involved in order to fully experience the work.

Eloïse Bonneviot (b. Paris 1986) lives and works in London. Recent activities include The mycological Twist at Jupiter Woods, ABJECT in Import Projects, The Meditative Relaxation cycle at Arcadia Missa. She is a co-founder of the art organization HARD-CORE. As HARD-CORE, she took part in: Strictly Digital, Alternativa 2015, IS IT ART OR IS IT JUST, BWA Zielona GÛra. She holds MFA from Goldsmiths University (London, UK), a BFA from Villa Arson (Nice, FR) and Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam, NL).

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