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Enclave 7: Green Ray | Frederique Pisuisse

Mar 8, 2016

Green Ray Mezzanine

Frederique Pisuisse: 6 New Truths (You Didn’t Know) About Ducks and Other Noumena

11th – 24th March 2016

Opening: Thursday 10th March 2016, 6-9pm

Migration to Ground Floor: 24th March 2016
Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 12-6pm & by appointment

‘If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck’ is a statement used to explain how we categorise and identify things using ‘abductive reasoning’. Frederique Pisuisse is interested in how the objects she makes change their meaning and identity according to their context. Are they sculptures, objects, readymades or props? Pisuisse invites us to ask whether art has an inherent meaning or whether meaning-giving is a process in itself.

Taking her visual cues from generic pictograms used in neurolinguistic testing, and in other learning contexts, such as children’s alphabet charts, Pisuisse has created a set of objects. These will exist as sculptures within an art gallery until activated by performances and rules set by the artist. Through conflating her sculptures with a universal pictorial learning code, Pisuisse layers two systems of relational thought, intervening in our associations through her instructions and performances.

On March 24 the objects will make their way down into the main space where they will reveal more truths about apples and other phenomena.


Frederique Pisuisse, 1986. Lives and works in London and Amsterdam. Currently studying at Goldsmiths and graduated from Rietveld in 2013. Solo exhibitions include: Swag Bag 2016 GOLDSMITHSGALLERY, Soft day light- a clock ticks diligently into the mirror 2015 GOLDSMITHSGALLERY, Eye Die Spy 2015 Cosmos Carl. Selected group exhibitions include: #Magichour 2015 Area51, NF presents: Vrom Ee toe Bie toe Zie toe Die 2014 P/////akt Amsterdam, NF presents: From A to Be to See to D 2014 Contemporary Art Centre Kim? Riga, The Rock II 2013 Galerie Fons Welters Amsterdam.

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