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Enclave 7: Green Ray | Simone Monsi & Frederique Pisuisse

Mar 23, 2016

Opening 24th April 2016, 6 – 9pm

From Mezzanine to Ground Floor
Frederique Pisuisse:
STANDBY Or Everything You Know About Ducks and Other Noumena

An analogy with tools sheds light on the nature of words. When we think of tools in a toolbox, we do not fail to see their variety; but the “functions of words are as diverse as the functions of these objects”. We are misled by the uniform appearance of our words into theorizing upon meaning: “Especially when we are doing philosophy!” Anat and Anat, “Ludwig Wittgenstein”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The objects Frederique Pisuisse created for this exhibition series that began on the Mezzanine have migrated to the Ground Floor and will be on STANDBY until activated by various events hosted in the space.

Early April: Artist talk + screening of Derek Jarman’s film ‘Wittgenstein’ (1993) (exact date to be announced soon)

Mid April: Philosophy workshop for children (private event)


Frederique Pisuisse (b. 1986) Lives and works in London and Amsterdam. Currently studying at Goldsmiths and graduated from Rietveld in 2013. Solo exhibitions include: 6 New Truths (You Didn’t Know) About Ducks and Other Noumena 2016 Green Ray, London. Swag Bag 2016 Goldsmithsgallery, London. Soft day light- a clock ticks diligently_ into the mirror 2015 Goldsmithsgallery, London. Eye Die Spy 2015 Cosmos Carl. Selected group exhibitions include: #Magichour 2015 Area51, London. NF presents: Vrom Ee toe Bie toe Zie toe Die 2014 P/////akt Amsterdam. NF presents: From A to Be to See to D 2014 Contemporary Art Centre Kim? Riga. The Rock II 2013 Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam.


Simone Monsi
Binocular Hands Emoji

Green Ray have commissioned a new window design and logo from Simone Monsi as an introduction to his upcoming Mezzanine exhibition in April.

Binoculars Hands Emoji explores the combination of gesture as camouflage strategy and the disruptive potential of jokes as political statement.


Simone Monsi (b. 1988) lives and works in London where is currently studying at the MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths. Recent exhibitions and projects include Fate i buoni! (Placentia Arte, Piacenza), Feeling The Walls (The Breeder, Athens), Magic Hour (Area 51, London), 6PM Your Local Time Europe (Link Art Center, Brescia), Can I Dream Alone published in The Standard Model (Hato Press, London) and the photobombing blog

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