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Enclave 7: EnclaveLab | Domestic Taxonomies

Jun 27, 2016

Domestic Taxonomies screening
Wednesday July 6 7pm

Featuring work by Elizabeth Price, Simon Martin, Rachel Pimm and Eva Fàbregas, and organised by Kirsty White.

This collection of works considers our perception of, and interactions with, the material-world. In relating the narratives attached to the design, presentation, production and distribution of a range of ubiquitous and functional objects it engages with themes of classification, material culture & the relationship between art and design.

Elizabeth Price, At the House of Mr X, 2007
Simon Martin, Carlton, 2006
Rachel Pimm, India Rubber, 2015
Eva Fàbregas, The Role of Unintended Consequences (Sofa Compact), 2016

Admission free, no booking necessary. Unit 7, Enclave, 50 Resolution Way

There will be popcorn!

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