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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Matt Blackler

Apr 17, 2015

Spring Artist in Residence 2015
Private View: Friday 24 April, 6-9.30pm
Residency Dates: 28 March to 23 April
Exhibition Dates: 25 April to 23 May, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

At Midnight on New Year’s Eve, the S.S. Poseidon, en route from New York to Athens, met with disaster and was lost. There were only a handful of survivors.
This is a monument to an unacknowledged collective; drawing attention the plight and sacrifice of those previously overlooked. To attempt to create a fitting tribute to the victims of this disaster takes great responsibility and compassion, after much deliberation, sculptor Matt Blackler for such an onerous commission.
Working through themes of water, melody and loss the sculptor is endeavouring to engage and immerse the viewer within anguish and grief. Integrating the acclaimed refrain ‘There must be a morning after’ by Maureen McGovern is key to invigorate a united response and absorbing us into a multi-sensory spiral of sorrow.
We are pleased to announce that Inertia Drives have been chosen as the contractors assigned to the fabrication and installation. Inertia Drives come with a wealth of experience and relevant expertise. To promote accessibility Inertia Drives will allow the public to follow the progress of the project through photographs published through the gallery.

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