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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Wolfgang Berkowski

Jan 30, 2015

Private View: Friday 30 January, 6-9.30pm

Residency Dates: 5 January to 29 January
Exhibition Dates: 31 January to 21 February, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

A brief analysis of the physical characteristics of the inflatable object will allow us to outline some of the symbols which it can resume. It is the balloon which confers its visible form to the breath it contains, its appearance of being swollen with vitality.

At each instant every non-rigid container exemplifies, in its form, the dialectical relationship between container and contents.

On the contrary the rigid container is indifferent to its state of repletion. The non-rigid container marks a discontinuity of form at the moment of fullness which charges it with a new meaning.

C. Gaignebet, from ‘The Inflatable Moment – pneumatics and protest in ’68,’ Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 1999

In 2004 I started a group of works (‘Models for Inflatable Cages’) that was initially intended to stay in a stage of limbo. Models in a scale of 1: 10. A proposal for a ‘real’ work in some future exhibition. The models were made out of what was available at the time in terms of material and craft. Plastic drinking straws and tape and endurance. Each model defined the physical and psychological space of one, two, …, x characters (and sometimes objects) ‘existing’ or interacting. My work, during the residency at Lubomirov-Easton, has been to re-address this body of work in relation to the space it appears in and translate it to a scale of 1 : 1.

A container outlining a defined space where an action has taken place, to be carried around in it’s compressed, deflated form and if needed, inflated as a stand in or double of the actual fact. Translucent, soft, equipped with a noisy apparatus to keep it going.

A stand-in, a double. Part of a narration.

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