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Enclave 9: C&R | Jeremy Keenan: Mouth to Ear

Sep 13, 2016

Friday September 30th 2016, 7 – 10pm

Call & Response is hosting a new kinetic sound installation by artist Jeremy Keenan.

The strange confluence of a moving subwoofer speaker cone, modified microphones, muted low-frequency feedback and code, Mouth to Ear is a generative audio composition exploring the tonal possibilities of feedback combined with the element of chance in an unstable interaction of changing physical quantities.

Developed specifically for the Call & Response 3D sound system, the work plays with aspects of broadcast, reception, and reproduction around the human response to systems of communication and their pervasive signal networks.

The work is a part of a series initiated by the piece Ear to Mouth and continuing with Light Loop, Oscillations in Love and Light and Garden of Signals. Presented in 13.1 channel sound.

‘Since many people feel compelled to broadcast, one finds oneself
in a state of permanent receptivity’ – Siegfried Kracauer, 1927

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