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Enclave Gallery | Detours: After Detournement

Feb 4, 2014

Preview April 25th 2014 6-9pm + afterparty
Exhibition continues to Saturday May 17th
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Jesse Ash / Johan Arens / Simon Bedwell / Sophie Carapetian / Toby Christian / Mike Cooter / Tom Crawford / Frauke Dannert / Nick Downes / Ruth Ewan / Famed / Daniel Griffiths / Mark Hamilton / Rory Macbeth / Neil Mulholland / Kate Owens / Laure Prouvost / Bob And Roberta Smith / Cristopher Kulendran Thomas / Emily Wardill / Rehana Zaman / Curated by Ross Downes

From the innocuous marker pen blackened teeth of smiling advertisement models to the conscientious ‘subvertisements’ of Adbusters and Occupy Wall Street, the détournement legacy runs deep, has many guises and pervades our everyday lives. Defined by the Situationists in 1958, détournement refers to the ‘turning around’ or hijacking of an image through distortion or misappropriation to reveal a new meaning that is in opposition to its original intent – whether irreverent nonsense, puerile slur or adroit political satire.

Using these tactics as a starting point, Detours: After Détournement brings together a group of peers that, intentionally or otherwise, all utilise the détournement modes of operation within their practice through a variety of methods for altering and subverting found visual material.

All the contributions to Detours will be shown on temporary, free-standing display structures in the space as an attempt to ‘détourne’ the standard contemporary exhibition environment and disrupt the physical flow of the space.

Further reading on détournement and The Situationists International can be found here:

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