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February Last Friday at Enclave

Feb 24, 2016

Join us this Friday for late openings and the premier of a new work by Lee Fraser in Call & Response…

Full listings for Friday February 26 6-9pm:

Enclave 4: news of the world
Abraham Kritzman LATE OPENING
“Your dear letter arrived just as my note went off.
I haven’t the pluck even to look at a journey of any sort. And to start on a pilgrimage without faith is the worst thing one can do. Here at any rate I do some work. I’ve got into the gro(o)ve. A change would unsettle me I fear. Thank you my dear fellow for all you say; and no doubt you are right –but… Everything seems frightfully difficult and writing most of all.
Our best love to you both.
Yours ever, Joseph Conrad”

Enclave 5: Divus
Mikyta Export Import, Commodification LATE OPENING
New mythology: the work of Svätopluk Mikyta

Enclave 9: Call & Response
Lee Frase, Resin PREMIER
Call & Response are hosting a listening session of Lee Fraser’s new work ‘Resin’ mixed especially for the Call & Response sound system.
Also playing will be Fraser’s The Visions of Ezekiel, winner of the Luigi Russolo Grand Prize 2013 and part of his Dark Camber release on Entr’acte.

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