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June Last Friday at Enclave

Jun 22, 2015

This Friday at Enclave June 26th 6pm til late
An evening of previews, performances and installations by resident projects at Enclave, including a new film by Kihlberg & Henry in Res., the launch of new resident project space fourFOLD by Goldsmiths MFA Curating students and a performance by Jonathan Kipps and Stuart Bowditch in news of the world. Free, all welcome. Part of SLAM Friday.

Afterparty hosted by Res. in Machine Party, the Enclave bar.
DJ set by Tris Bellotti (of Rausch Turning) 9.30pm – late

Enclave 1 Res
Pleasure Through Drowning PREVIEW
Kihlberg & Henry
In this new film by Kihlberg & Henry, the bizarre reconditioning of the 32 cinemas of Portsea Island provides an apt location for a work that exists between fantasy and authentic reportage. For the filmmakers, this seemingly pre-existing slippage between the real and the constructed was further activated by an episode of teenage vandalism, which left the local archive flooded beyond use.

Enclave 4 news of the world
Article 25 / Jonathan Kipps PERFORMANCE
Performance by Stuart Bowditch and Jonathan Kipps 7.30pm
Stuart Bowditch’s research into the resonant frequencies of objects will be combined with one of Kipps’ static sculptural artwork in the exhibition. A loop of transducers, contact mics and electronics enable the sculpture to resonate at its own audible frequency. Using only this live feed of vibration, Bowditch creates a responsive musical score which in turns shifts our perception of the sculpture itself.

Enclave 5 Divus London
Umelec Retrospective & The Taste of Future PREVIEW
Our world is turning crazy and violent – which makes this the time to bring back Umelec.
From the secret editorial archive Divus are bringing some weird documents and a taste of the new Umelec magazine content.

Enclave 7: FourFOLD
Helen Barff | Jacqueline Bebb | Ben Cain | James R Ford | Joey Holder | Michal Kozlowski | Ella McCartney| Ryan Mc Clelland | Dorine Van Meel | Juan Pablo Meneses | Rodrigo Meneses | Tom Milnes | Cara Nahaul | Natascha Nanji | Isaac Olvera | Emer O’Brien | Pro Numb | Florian Roithmayr | Harry Sanderson | Marie Thams | Emily Whitebread

Enclave 8 Lubomirov-Easton
The New Amalgamation Feeder, The Bumper Car Complex and The Realisation of The Imaginary Man. PREVIEW
Badrick & Rogers
Badrick and Rogers have spent a month inside Lubomirov-Easton’s residency space, here their dual investigation continues; focusing on new media and its distribution through advertising and technology.

Enclave 9 Call & Response
The Forest of Deptford PREVIEW
Heart n Soul
Heart n Soul presents The Forest of Deptford, an immersive 3-dimensional multi-media arts installation.
Taking Deptford as its inspiration, the installation weaves together a diverse collection of sound and music, imaginary landscapes and animal objects, 3D figures and video to create a magical place.
Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company that believe in the talents and power of people with learning disabilities. Heart n Soul’s work is about art, taking part, training and sharing.

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