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Sep 12, 2013

Preview & performance November 29th 6-9pm
Exhibition continues November 30th – December 20th
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Saturday 14th December
Afternoon tea and publication launch, 2pm
Join us for a afternoon tea and coffee in the presence of Cyril Lepetit to launch m:otif publication (printed by Hato Press).
A—Z is an exploratory curatorial platform produced by Anne Duffau. Taking the formula of the alphabet, A—Z uses words related to the idea of Entropy as a starting point to map out and test various unstable potentials. One letter, one experiment, twenty six times Invited by A—Z for his project at Enclave, Cyril Lepetit has responded to the letter ‘m’ and uses as a starting point the word ‘motif’:

Motif: /məʊˈtiːf/ noun

1. a dominant theme or central idea

2. a repeated figure or design in architecture or decoration

Lepetit has developed a new body of work focusing on the manipulation of images and their representations/reproductions (films become pictures, pictures become drawings, drawings become photos…). Twenty-six drawings of male classical sculptures made from a video shot at the Vatican are presented for m:otif and focus on a centred point, with a model/design and a research in mind. Presented and treated as patterns – they are one part of a body repeated – the anatomy structures the motif but their iteration is different every time.
Rome, the inspirational video for the twenty six drawings plays on a flat screen, depicting references from the Vatican and interjected subliminal messages. The sculpture Untitled 1, from the series Magical Thinking/Thinking Magical, responds to the drawings’ materiality – echoing the omnipresent missing element, an imperceptible shape, a distant but ubiquitous ghost. Like a shadow of this first and ‘original’ object, Untitled 2, stands against the wall and next to it, a projection shows images in a process of degradation – a trace of the opening night performance.


Cyril Lepetit’s work involves various media from drawing, painting, digital imaging, sculpture, installation and performance. Born in Cherbourg, France (1970) he studied at the Ulster College of Art in Belfast (1993) and graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Caen in 1995. He lived in Paris until 1998. After a residency in Taiwan and Japan he moved to London in 2000 where he now lives and works. He has exhibited in the UK and internationally – From our First Caress to our Last Breath, will our Desires have Evolved (performance) in Seduced: Sex and Art from Antiquity to Now, Barbican Art Gallery, London, 2008; Planning – Things you want, Things you do, Things you do anyway (solo show) at Danielle Arnaud. Group exhibitions – Six Easy Steps (Part 4), ICA, London, 2005; Coalesce: Happenstance, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, 2009; Metropolis Rise: New Art from London, Dashanzi International Art Festival (DIAF) 798 Space, Beijing & Design Center, Shangai, 2006; Moving in Architecture, Camden Art Centre, London 2006; Daily Noise, Leroy Nyman Gallery, Columbia University NY, 2006; Genetic Sculpture, Art Concept Galerie, Paris 2001; + si affinité Afiac, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, 2006 and Centrefold, Zoo Art Fair, London, 2006 (Tate collection). Lepetit also runs a curatorial project The International Exhibitionist

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