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Enclave 4: news of the world | Encyclops, Seekers of Lice

Dec 3, 2013

Preview Friday 29 November 2013, 6-9pm
Open Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm throughout December

Over October and November, ‘Propositions for Principles of art Philosophy in Practice, a Production Phenomenon’ at news of the world invited and exhibited ideas and proposals, correspondence and conversations, that will inform our forthcoming programme beyond visual art and prevailing networks.

Stemming from this process, Encyclops is a poetry work from seekers of lice.

The work is hand written on the wetted surface of 140 small paper bags.

Even though it borrows structure from encyclopaedic articles with headings, explanations and illustrations, the text appears blurred, unassertive of what it may seek to propagate.

The poems incorporate piecemeal narratives, thoughts, feelings, snippet observations, heard conversations. A collection of moments that combine to make a whole, a log of personal recordings edited, re-ordered, they sometimes proceed through associations of sound or appearance of words, and sometimes without discernible logic, flouting the desire for universal meaning.

A modest essay at the commodification of poetry, the objects-paper bags, back-of-an-envelope, carriers for contents other, dispersible and disposable, play down any attempt at grand claims for the work. The throwaway material gestures at a way of communicating that is casually intimate.

Seekers of Lice assumes the mantle of a ‘minor poet’; a minor chord which yields a tone but clouds the tune; a bid to eschew resolution and the want to be major, influential, great, serious, monumental, superior. The systematic sapping of her own authority creates a space where the reader/viewer is emboldened to enjoy, hunts for moments in common, pick what’s useful for what they are doing, and approach the ordinary with new possibilities.

Preview Nov 29th 6-9pm, open Sat-Sun 1-6pm throughout December

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