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Enclave Gallery | Plants Under Glass | Rachel Pimm

Feb 4, 2014

Plants Under Glass re-imagines the facade of the Enclave gallery as the glass of a horticulturist’s greenhouse, or the slide under a biologist’s microscope. Here, Rachel Pimm presents a new body of work around the current technological impacts of cultivating nature out of its original habitat and into our homes, offices, leisure, retail spaces and workplaces. Bringing together maintained captivity, biomimicry, and the popular eco-friendly PR strategy of ‘greenwashing’, a group of sculpture and video works are landscaped to form the palette of a tropical garden ecosystem in the materials of a contemporary interior. In this environment, plants perform living alongside humans, proposing ideas about the future of cultivation and ways in which the new natural behaves.

Rachel Pimm lives and works in London. She completed her BA at Central Saint Martins (2006) and her MFA at Goldsmiths (2013).

Supported by the Arts Council England.

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