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This Weekend at Enclave + Deptford X + Art Licks Weekend

Sep 26, 2016

Friday September 30th, 6pm-late

Enclave 1: Res.
Kathy Rae Huffman Reading Room Party
Guest DJs TTB from NTS & Late Junction’s Alannah Chance
8pm–10pm: Alannah Chance will be playing electronic oddities by female pioneers from early radiophonics through to afro disco and the sounds of 70s New York.
10pm–12am: Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura will be playing her “dreamlike dance music, with a focus on new offerings and weird invocations”.

Enclave 4: news of the world
The Day of the Triffids (Ep. 1)
Simon Bedwell / Vesta Kroese / Ande Leccia / Lionel Soukaz
The first episode in a new adaptation of John Wyndham’s the Day of the Triffids.


Enclave 5: Could be Good
Ifeoma Orjiekwe: Rich & Juicy
Could be Good introduce their new project space at Enclave Deptford with their first exhibition of works by our artist in residence Ifeoma Orjiekwe.

Enclave 7: EnclaveLab
Systems of Displaying Matter
Rachel Pimm & Eva Fàbregas, curated by Kirsty White
Systems of Displaying Matter is conceived specifically for EnclaveLab, and uses the project space as an enclosed cavity or cell, within which to experiment with volume, viscosity and magnetism. [pictured]

Enclave 9: Call & Response
Mouth to Ear
Jeremy Keenan
Call & Response is hosting a new kinetic sound installation by artist Jeremy Keenan.


Additional special events this weekend at Enclave:

Saturday October 1st, 2-8pm
Enclave 8: The Caged Antelope
Radio Anti: Foley Transmission
Join Radio Anti for a live broadcast performance about their recent research into foley sound, equivalence and mimesis. The broadcast will be repeated on the hour between 2pm and 5pm, shown alongside a recent video work exploring their research in a different form.

Sunday October 2nd 4-9pm
Enclave 1: Res.
Empath Tea & ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Group Play
4–6pm Empath Tea
Empath Group member Rosie Taylor invites herbalist Natasha Richardson to design a tea specifically for Empaths, to deal with side effects such as sensory overload and tiredness.
6.30–8.30pm That Dragon, Cancer Group Play
That Dragon, Cancer is a game designed by Ryan and Amy Green to simulate their experience of their son’s battle with cancer.



Image: EnclaveLab, Systems of Displaying Matter, Rachel Pimm & Eva Fàbregas

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