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September Last Friday at Enclave + Deptford X

Sep 22, 2015

Late opening this Friday September 25 from 6pm for the launch of Deptford X festival.

Enclave 1: Res.
Includes Dark Creatures, Michelle Hannah, Lewis den Hertog, Emilia Kurylowicz, Stuart Middleton, Eva Papamargariti, Tai Shani, Gary J Shipley, Craig ‘VI’ Slee
Exta mobilises occult intensities, Sci-Fi dynamics and slime-vectors of decay to divine a future body-politic and its delirious inhabitants.

Enclave 4: news of the world
Life without Death, Frank Cole
A minimalist, death-obsessed first-person account of Frank Cole’s solo trek across the Sahara in 1990.

Enclave 5: Divus
Parents’ Voice In The Back, Jan Turner

Enclave 7: fourFOLD
Running Out Of Tape, David Duvshani and Fazal Rizvi
An exhibition of moving image work exploring concepts of displacement, postcoloniality, race and time; to revisit the past through the present.

Enclave 8: Islington Mill
Maurice Carlin & Rachael Goodyear
Live streams of Maurice Carlin’s Performance Publishing Excelsior Works will be presented in the space alongside a developing exploration for a new installation piece by Rachel Goodyear.

Enclave 9: Call& Response
London Subterraneous, Jakob Kirkegaard
Artist Jacob Kirkegaard and the UK’s only independent sound art space Call & Response have collaborated to create a sound installation that invites the audience to experience the hidden underworld of London’s water system.


Image: Lewis den Hertog, PROTEIN SHAKE (Episode 1), 2014. 

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