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Enclave Gallery & Machine Party | The Starseed Transmission

Jul 19, 2013

The Starseed Transmission: A diagrammatic message from outerspace

Sovay Berriman / Plastique Fantastique / Rowena Harris / Dean Kenning / Inês Rebelo
Curated by Lucy A. Sames
Preview September 27th 6-9pm
Exhibition continues September 28th – October 19th 2013
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm or by appointment
Plus special late opening for Art Licks Weekend, Thursday 3rd October until 9pm

A message to/from Carl Sagan.
A speculative broadcast to a non-specific extraterrestrial civilisation, Carl Sagan’s schematic
résumé of life on earth engraved onto a plaque on NASA’s Pioneer 10, is now over 8 billion
miles away.
In 1974, Sagan received a reply..
Channeled through a collective hallucination in Folsom maximum security prison and
corroborated by a passing comet, this reply came in the form of a diagram – a transmission
from outerspace – an imagined communiqué from an extraterrestrial being.
Received and transcribed by psychologist, writer, LSD advocate and inmate Dr Timothy Leary,
the transmission communicates with the Pioneer plaque via a call and response of compressed
Through experiments in abstract visual language, The Starseed Transmission explores
diagrams as precise and efficient machines of communication, subverting the power of speech
and creating a shorthand code where the luxury of language is no longer available.

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