Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Dust | Lee Maelzer

Feb 23 2014

Private View: Friday 28 March 2014, 6-9.30pm
28 February – 19 April
Open Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

The London-based artist is well known for putting used things and redundant sites to poetic purpose on canvas. Maelzer remains interested in the significance of matter and site to the common experiences and signature rituals that connect us.

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Enclave Gallery | Plants Under Glass | Rachel Pimm

Feb 4 2014

Preview March 28th 2014 6-9pm + afterparty
Exhibition continues to Saturday April 19th
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Plants Under Glass re-imagines the facade of the Enclave gallery as the glass of a horticulturist’s greenhouse, or the slide under a biologist’s microscope.

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Enclave Gallery | Detours: After Detournement

Feb 4 2014

Preview April 25th 2014 6-9pm + afterparty
Exhibition continues to Saturday May 17th
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Jesse Ash / Johan Arens / Simon Bedwell / Sophie Carapetian / Toby Christian / Mike Cooter / Tom Crawford / Frauke Dannert / Nick Downes / Ruth Ewan / Famed / Daniel Griffiths / Mark Hamilton / Rory Macbeth / Neil Mulholland / Kate Owens / Laure Prouvost / Bob And Roberta Smith / Cristopher Kulendran Thomas / Emily Wardill / Rehana Zaman / Curated by Ross Downes

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Enclave 4: news of the world | Sean Steadman, Jackie Raynal, Trenton Oldfield

Feb 4 2014

news of the world: Sean Steadman, Jackie Raynal, Trenton Oldfield

Private view: Friday 31st January 2014, 6.30 to 9pm. Exhibition runs to 2nd March 2014

In the war against the Giants, the satyrs went into battle riding on donkeys. As they caught sight of the enemy, the asses were so terrified that they all let out a loud braying such as the Giants had never heard. At the noise, the Giants hastily took flight and thus were defeated by the satyrs on asses.

This of course never happened.

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Enclave Gallery & Guest Projects | Venn/Chroma | Ronan McCrea

Jan 31 2014

Preview January 31st 6-9pm
Exhibition continues February 1st-22nd
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Four-channel slide projection and photographs by Irish artist Ronan McCrea.

Ronan McCrea’s exhibition at Enclave continues an exploration of what the artist ironically calls his The History of Photography project. This body of work is orientated towards a re-consideration of historical moments and narratives through the found photograph and the archive, exploring the historicity and materiality of the photographic image in new ways and in the current cultural context of photographic image saturation (Google images etc.). The artist’s research draws on diverse sources and references – from Aby Warburg to the Pictures Generation –and adopts what can be described as a ‘reprographic’ approach in strategies of montage, appropriation, collage, sequence and typology.

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Enclave 5: Divus | MDF Paintings | Neil Zakiewicz

Jan 26 2014

Preview January 31 2014
Continues February 1 – March 22

DIVUS London are proud to present MDF Paintings, a solo exhibition by London based artist Neil Zakiewicz.

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Enclave 8: Lubomirov-Easton | Frances Richardson | Artist in Residence

Dec 27 2013

Residency Dates: 1 – 30 January 2014
Private View: Friday 31 January, 6-9.30pm
Exhibition Dates: 1 February to 22 February, Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

Loss of the object and bondage to it.

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Enclave 5: DIVUS | Useless Exhibition

Dec 4 2013

November 29 – December 31 2013

LENKA KLODOVÁ: Constructing a porn site | MARIE HLADÍKOVÁ: Love Loves | ŠÁRKA MIKESKOVÁ: Someone Loves You | BLANKA JAKUBČÍKOVÁ: Making a living from (killing) myself …

An exhibition designed according to the criteria of uselessness, unworkability, in-adaptability, and self-destructive obstinacy. Created by women artists who have the potential of being a disaster of epic proportions for curators and exhibition organizers

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Enclave 4: news of the world | Encyclops, Seekers of Lice

Dec 3 2013

Preview Friday 29 November 2013, 6-9pm
Open Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm throughuot December

Over October and November, ‘Propositions for Principles of art Philosophy in Practice, a Production Phenomenon’ at news of the world invited and exhibited ideas and proposals, correspondence and conversations, that will inform our forthcoming programme beyond visual art and prevailing networks.

Stemming from this process, Encyclops is a poetry work from seekers of lice.

The work is hand written on the wetted surface of 140 small paper bags.

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Enclave 7: Curatorial Timeshare | The 300,000kph non dental amalgam | David Martin

Nov 26 2013

CURATORIAL TIMESHARE (London) present The 300,000kph non dental amalgam, a solo exhibition by London based artist David Martin, invited by Toby Huddlestone.

David Martin: The 300,000kph non dental amalgam / Preview Friday 13th December 6-9pm / Open Sat 14th December 12-6pm

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Enclave Guest Projects | The Fade | Molly Palmer

Nov 26 2013

The Fade is a three-channel video work in which saturated layers of video, ambiguous architectural structures and hand painted sculptural objects combine to create immersive environments.

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Enclave 5: Divus | For Those About to Die | Mark Ferelli

Oct 23 2013

Mark Ferelli: For Those About to Die A Brief History of an Automaton and its Mechanical Life

Special Magic Lantern performance with automaton on these evening only at 8:00pm
Friday 25th October / Saturday 26th October / Saturday 2nd November / Saturday 9th November. Free Admission

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Enclave 4: news of the world | Propositions for principles of art philosophy in practice, a production phenomenon

Sep 25 2013

Previews Friday 27th September 2013, 7pm

Here is the score:

Six Exhibits

First wall
Second wall
Third wall
Fourth wall

George Brecht, 1961

You say you want a revolution:
‘I’m fed up with everything’ Miuccia Prada (Financial Times, Sept 21, 2013)

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Enclave 5: Divus | I’M CURATING MY OWN SOLO SHOW!!!!!!!!!! | Beth Fox

Sep 21 2013

September 27 – October 19 2013

“Beth Fox’s work espouses a complex form of reflexive post-modern humour with influences as diverse as Kierkagaard and Woody Allen, through the medium of sculpture and text new variations are synthesised from both opaque and transparent meanings and what starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a hegemony of defeat, leaving only a sense of unreality and the unlikelihood of a new order. . ” – August DeWitt (writer, intellectual, art critic, feminist, political activist and gender theorist.)

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Enclave Gallery | m:motif | Cyril Lepetit | A—Z

Sep 12 2013

Preview & performance November 29th 6-9pm
Exhibition continues November 30th – December 20th
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Motif: /məʊˈtiːf/ noun

1. a dominant theme or central idea

2. a repeated figure or design in architecture or decoration

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