Enclave 5: Divus | The White Queen | James B Hollands

Jul 26 2012

July 27th – August 28th 2012
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

An audiovisual exhibition where the viewer is invited to lie on a grass lawn on the gallery floor and stare into an artificial cosmos projected onto the ceiling.

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Enclave 5: Divus | A M E R I C A | Mike Diana

Jul 25 2012

PV 8th November 6-9pm
9th November – 8th December 2012, 12pm – 8pm daily
Location: Enclave Gallery and DIVUS London

The first instalment of the Enclave tenant programme in the Enclave gallery…

DIVUS London presents: Mike Diana – A M E R I C A

Exclusive exhibition of cartoons, drawings and paintings by convicted comic artist Mike Diana, with a personal appearance by the artist.

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OCCUPY MY TIME present: Past and Present

Apr 30 2012

In the painting Past and Present, No. 3 1858 by Augustus Leopold Egg 1816-1863set under the Adelphi arches, by the River Thames. . The woman shelters a young child, the result of her affair.

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