Enclave 10 : Assembly

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Let your surroundings shape you.

Bake bread then break it.

Find transformation in the cracks.

Tell a tree a secret.

Forget about goals, everything we do is process.

Allow the dirt to do the thinking for you.

Keep asking questions.

Try on everyone’s shoes at least once.

Harmonize with the bird song.

Say it simple.

Learn to listen.

Remember, everyone’s an artist.

Study the language of your landscape.

Create blueprints through footprints.

Mix up flavours.

Make mistakes, often.

Nurture the present for the next generation.

Collect objects for their magic qualities.

Be a member of your community.

Make things using the real world.

Overturn stones.

Eat the sky.

Walk a different path every day.

Embrace uncertainty.

Tell stories as heirlooms for all.

Watch a plant grow.