Enclave 1: Res. | Susanna Davies-Crook | Star Chamber

May 19 2015

30 May – 13 June 2015, Thu-Sat 12-6pm and by appointment
Res. Enclave 1-3, 50 Resolution Way, SE8 4NT

Preview Friday 29 May 6:30 – 11:30pm
Performance at 9:30
Live set from Recsund 10 – 11:30pm

Closing event Saturday 13 June 3 – 6pm
Live distributed reading
Response and research exchange between Sally O’Reilly and Susanna Davies-Crook
Star Chamber, an exhibition of new work by Susanna Davies-Crook, forms the last of three solo shows produced by #temporarycustodians at Res.

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Enclave 1: Res. | Gery Georgieva | Solo Romantika

Apr 1 2015

Gery Georgieva
25 April – 9 May 2015
Preview Friday 24 April
Open Thu-Sat 12-6pm and by appointment

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Enclave 1: Res. | Akhal-Teke | Josephine Callaghan

Mar 22 2015

28 March – 11 April 2015
Preview 27 March 6-9pm
DJ set from BAD SECTOR 9-11pm

Akhale-Teke is the first exhibition emerging from Res.- a mutable project working out of a gallery and studio in Deptford, South East London. Res. seeks to be an associative working environment from which to share and develop research.

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Enclave Gallery | YEARBOOK 01 exhibition

Nov 17 2014

YEARBOOK 01- artist edition launch Rhona Byrne / Rachael Champion / Joey Holder / Toby Huddlestone / Kristin Luke / Luke McCreadie / Rachel Pimm / Barry Sykes / Francis…

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Enclave Gallery | Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare Part

Sep 19 2014

Part II of Sci-Fi Paganism, curated by Lucy A. Sames

Sculptural objects as standing stones.

Sam Austen / Ben Cove / Karen David / Cathy Haynes / Lawrence Lek / Superlative TV

Sci-Fi Paganism zine includes words and texts by Sam Austen / Sovay Berriman / Rowena Harris / Cathy Haynes / Dean Kenning / Lawrence Lek / Plastique Fantastique / Lucy A. Sames

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Enclave Gallery & Guest Projects | How does the group function? | LUX13

Sep 19 2014

Preview October 31st 6pm til late
Open November 1st – 22nd, Wed-Sat 12-6pm

LUX13: Katriona Beales / Giles Bunch / Jackie Castellano / Sarah Filmer / Katherine Fishman / Patrick Goddard / Christopher Matthews / Katharine Meynell / Kim L Pace / Samuel Playford-Greenwell / collectif_fact (Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet) / Vanessa Scully / Nicola Stephanie / Neasa Terry /

Special LUX13 events at Enclave:
Nov 14th 6-8pm LUX13 publication launch and performance night with performances by Katherine Fishman / Christopher Matthews / Katherine Meynell / Samuel Playford-Greenwell / Neasa Terry
Nov 15th 12-6pm Artist day – drop in and meet the LUX13 artists

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Enclave Gallery | Disappearance | Roderick MacLachlan

Jun 27 2014

Roderick Maclachlan
Preview Jun 27th 6pm til late
Installation continues Jun 28th – Jul 26th
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Maclachlan’s installations explore materiality, entropy and cycles of time; evoking states somehow suspended between past, present and future. Disappearance is a new episcopic (opaque object) projection work featuring a portable TV and an excerpt from ‘Life On Earth’ (BBC 1979).

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Enclave Gallery | Plants Under Glass | Rachel Pimm

Feb 4 2014

Preview March 28th 2014 6-9pm + afterparty
Exhibition continues to Saturday April 19th
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Plants Under Glass re-imagines the facade of the Enclave gallery as the glass of a horticulturist’s greenhouse, or the slide under a biologist’s microscope.

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Enclave Gallery | Detours: After Detournement

Feb 4 2014

Preview April 25th 2014 6-9pm + afterparty
Exhibition continues to Saturday May 17th
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Jesse Ash / Johan Arens / Simon Bedwell / Sophie Carapetian / Toby Christian / Mike Cooter / Tom Crawford / Frauke Dannert / Nick Downes / Ruth Ewan / Famed / Daniel Griffiths / Mark Hamilton / Rory Macbeth / Neil Mulholland / Kate Owens / Laure Prouvost / Bob And Roberta Smith / Cristopher Kulendran Thomas / Emily Wardill / Rehana Zaman / Curated by Ross Downes

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Enclave Gallery & Guest Projects | Venn/Chroma | Ronan McCrea

Jan 31 2014

Preview January 31st 6-9pm
Exhibition continues February 1st-22nd
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Four-channel slide projection and photographs by Irish artist Ronan McCrea.

Ronan McCrea’s exhibition at Enclave continues an exploration of what the artist ironically calls his The History of Photography project. This body of work is orientated towards a re-consideration of historical moments and narratives through the found photograph and the archive, exploring the historicity and materiality of the photographic image in new ways and in the current cultural context of photographic image saturation (Google images etc.). The artist’s research draws on diverse sources and references – from Aby Warburg to the Pictures Generation –and adopts what can be described as a ‘reprographic’ approach in strategies of montage, appropriation, collage, sequence and typology.

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Enclave Gallery | m:motif | Cyril Lepetit | A—Z

Sep 12 2013

Preview & performance November 29th 6-9pm
Exhibition continues November 30th – December 20th
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm

Motif: /məʊˈtiːf/ noun

1. a dominant theme or central idea

2. a repeated figure or design in architecture or decoration

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MONDO Pop: Film club

Jul 19 2013

Enclave hosts two screenings for the MONDO Pop film club.Screening 1: 7th August, 7.30pm Screening 2: 4th September, 7.30

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Enclave Gallery & Machine Party | The Starseed Transmission

Jul 19 2013

Preview September 27th 6-9pm
Exhibition continues September 28th – October 19th 2013
Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm or by appointment
Plus special late opening for Art Licks Weekend, Thursday 3rd October until 9pm

Received via a collective hallucination in Folsom prison, The Starseed Transmission is a diagrammatic message from outerspace.
Artists include: Sovay Berriman, Rowena Harris, Dean Kenning, Inês Rebelo and Plastique Fantastique.

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Enclave Gallery & Machine Party | Half-Words | Curated by Luke McCreadie

Mar 29 2013

Half-Words is an exhibition and events program which has no aim, no message and nothing to say other than that if the desire for something to happen is there then it will find a way.

Daisy Addison / Richard Bevan / Adam Burge / Rachael Champion / Lucy Conochie / Elliot Dodd / Frances Drayson / Jacob Farell / Jack Killick / Steffen Levring / Sophie Micheal / Luke McCreadie / Sarah McNulty / Andrew Munks / Alice Newsholme / Jack Strange

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Enclave Gallery | The Shrinking City | Anthony Gross

Sep 20 2012

Preview Friday October 5th 2012, 6-9pm
Performance 8.30-9pm: ‘Deconstructing Theo Parrish’ live soundtrack by percussionist David Aylward.

October 6th – November 3rd 2012
Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-6pm and by appointment.

Enclave presents a new film installation by artist Anthony Gross who over the past year has explored Detroit’s cityscape, musical history and industrial decline.

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